Zero Gravity

This photo shows the current Bachelor (Nick Viall) and his paramour (Vanessa Grimaldi) kissing in a zero gravity plane – this is a screenshot from a video of their date. 

For most children, at some point in time, the only logical career path in the entire world is astronaut. They usually say it with reverence, for the word is akin to something half way in between magician and alien, full of all the magic and surprises that only someone who hurdles through the final frontier could ever hope to understand. Today, with the emergence of radically innovative and new technology (from YouTube to Zero G planes for which tickets can be bought for a reasonable price) has brought the powers of space, replete with all the magic and wonder, even closer to Earth. On YouTube, you can see incredible videos of astronauts on the International Space Station floating around, wringing out water from a towel, and (my favorite) making a peanut butter sandwich. This access to the information and experiences of the men and women who spend their lives above the atmosphere is enough to satisfy many folks’ childhood dreams of feeling it themselves. But if the itch hasn’t quite been scratched for them through those videos, they needn’t fear. Zero G is a new company who is bringing the experience of free falling—which is, we know, what the astronauts are doing—to the general public through their parabolic flight plan in their specially formulated planes. The entire experience consists of twenty (or so) second intervals of weightlessness in between sharp nose dives and ascensions.  The entire process takes about a minute, and is repeated over and over for the course of the flight. The pilots who fly this are specially trained, and the simulation is said to feel like something in between sky diving and the feeling of being in a zero-gravity chamber. This Zero G travel is something which has become popular (even appearing on this season’s The Bachelor with Nick Viall – it’s a guilty pleasure, see above). But what do you think? Would you be game to free fall?


7 thoughts on “Zero Gravity

  1. Shouldn’t the feeling of being in “zero gravity” and skydiving be the same feeling? Aren’t both a kind of free fall? I would be interested to know the difference. I’m guessing that the feeling of skydiving is different because you actually feel the “wind” hitting you, but am not sure.


    1. That’s what I feel like is going to be the main difference. Since the free fall is inherently the same, the feeling of the wind pushing back against you would (i imagine) be the main difference. Looks like we should find someone who’s done both! Ha!


  2. The video about the astronaut wringing out water from a towel at ISS was fascinating!!! Hahaha it is so amazing to see the surface tension of water that held out so strong it won’t resist against the gravity! I ended up watching bunch of videos on experiment done at zero gravity and they were amazing. But really, I really want to try being in zero gravity situation! That would be awesome!


  3. Have you heard of indoor skydiving? It seems like those businesses are popping up in cities all over the country and perhaps the world. It seems like it is becoming easier and safer to satisfy the everyday adrenaline junkie. With today’s technology what other kinds of adrenaline inducing activities do you think might be able to be simulated?


  4. I find it intriguing how astronomy is so prevalent in so much of popular culture i.e. The Bachelor. I had never thought much about Zero Gravity on Earth making it possible for non-astronauts to feel like we are in space. Have you thought about having one of these experiences? What do you think people can do to minimize adverse reactions such as getting sick so that the experience can be what it is portrayed to be in the movies?


  5. I dreamed to be a astronaut when I was a 5-year-old native child. At that time, I didn’t know astronauts will have the feeling of free falling all the time when they are in space. The feeling of free falling is really not very comfortable to me. I avoided the MegaDrop and roller coaster when I went to any amusement park. But Zero Gravity is really awesome choice for those who want to experience the life of astronaut or sky diving!! Great Post!


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